By William Clarkson books

Gutenberg Guide: An introduction to the new editor for WordPress

I don't like changes. I especially don't like when things I work with everyday undergoes major changes. A few weeks ago I tried WordPress Gutenberg editor for the first time. I was not happy. I was starting to get mad at the editor and at the computer. I like things the way they are. Then I realized that this is just an extra tool that is being offered. Why should I get mad at a tool? Because I am used to my hammer, should I get angry at a screwdriver? I can either learn how to use it or I can ignore it. So I went back and had a second look.

This is how William Clarkson starts his 230 pages book that will walk you through the features of the new Gutenberg editor. The book will show you some tricks, tips, and techniques that will give you the power to make beautiful WordPress sites with the help of Gutenberg. The book is available in Kindle format. So grab a coffee and enjoy reading this awesome Gutenberg Guide!

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