Gutenberg Theme Development Course

Another great course by Zac Gordon! At the end of the "Gutenberg Theme Development" course you learn how to build WordPress themes for WordPress 5.0 and beyond, with Gutenberg in mind. You will learn with Gutenberg Starter Theme, about managing full & wide width blocks, working with block templates to provide default block layouts and many more.

Course Outline

  • An Introduction to Theming with Gutenberg
  • Gutenberg Compatible Themes
  • Intro to “Gutenberg Compatible” Themes
  • Enqueuing CSS & JavaScript in Gutenberg Compatible Themes
  • Wide and Full Align Support
  • Making an Existing Template Gutenberg Compatible
  • Making an Existing Theme Gutenberg Compatible
  • The Gutenberg Starter Theme
  • An Introduction to The Gutenberg Starter Theme
  • An Overview of the Gutenberg Starter Theme Source Code
  • The functions.php File and Theme Support
  • Overview of Basic Template Markup
  • Gutenberg Starter Theme Stylesheets
  • Beginning to Customize the GB Starter Theme
  • Styling Default Blocks
  • Styling Gutenberg Blocks
  • Default Block Styles
  • Finding Block Classes
  • Setting Up Our Theme Code
  • Example: Quote Blocks
  • Example: Cover Image Block
  • Example: Button Block
  • Example: Embed Blocks
  • Styling Columns
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • An Introduction to Color Palettes
  • How to Create Your Own Color Palettes
  • Locking Down Your Color Palettes
  • Block Templates
  • An Introduction to Block Templates
  • Adding Block Templates to a Theme
  • Adding Column to Block Templates
  • Locking Block Templates
  • Custom Post Type Block Template
  • Moving Block Templates to a Plugin
  • Course Review
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